Some goods, such as flowers, must always be kept at the same temperature,
regardless of whether it is winter or summer. Therefore, with our model arktik 4000N/K,
we offer a way to keep your goods at a positive temperature even in extreme situations
with operating temperatures below 0 °C.

The unit is suitable for trailers up to 32 m³ or insulated 20-ft-long containers.

Our units consist of two parts: the condenser on the outside and the evaporator on the inside of the trailer. Both parts are mounted on an insulating core and form an easy to install plug-and-play unit. We use the same casing for all our refrigeration units standardising the size of the cutout for all trailers. The casing is made of power-coated steel sheet including a shapely front hood made of ABS plastic. An electronic controller monitors and regulates the operating temperature. Automatic periodic defrosting is provided by a programmable electronic thermostat and an electronic thawing-off device. Behind the lockable operating cover you will find a control switch and a light switch for the interior lighting of the refrigeration trailer.

Technical Data 4000N/K

temperature range

2 to10 °C

max. operating temperature

40 °C

max. volume trailer

32 m³

power supply

400/3~ V *


50 Hz

cooling capacity

4050 W

heating capacity

3200 W

power consumption

2850 W

current consumption LRA

54 A

 * Model even available with a 230/1~V power supply

current consumption FLA

12 A


Hot gas W

air flow evaporator

3270 m³/h

air flow condenser

4200 m³/h

protection class, mounting side

54 IP



refrigerant quantity

2400 g


163 kg


9010 RAL

The data indicated refers to a set temperature of 2 °C • Refrigeration is based on the following operating conditions:
outside temperature 30 °C, RH 50% • Insulation with a k-value of 0.2 W/m2K is recommended.


• CFC-free refrigerant R452A, GWP 2141

• digital thermostat

• water-resistant lockable control panel

• suction line cooled compressor

• automatic hot gas defrosting

• weatherproof electrical plug and socket

• pre-wired cable to connect light


• Eco-friendly CFC-free refrigerant, minimal energy consumption

• plug & play installation – easy handling, excellent usability

• premium-quality, German engineering

• weather-resistant, robust construction

• reliable and quiet operation

• low maintenance

• low weight

• elegant and timeless design


24-month warranty

– First 12-months warranty on parts and labour

– additional 12 months on parts only

– fast spare parts’ selection and immediate delivery