Do you want to remain flexible and spontaneously decide whether to use your trailer
for freezing or cooling? Don’t worry! Arktik 2000P could be exactly what you are looking for.
This unit has been designed to give insulated trailers maximum flexibility.
The temperature can be adjusted from -20 °C to 10 °C. This way, the unit can be used
for both freezing and cooling. If you plan to use the trailer for rental service,
this could be a great advantage.

Our units consist of two parts: the condenser on the outside and the evaporator on the inside of the trailer. Both parts are mounted on an insulating core and form an easy to install plug-and-play unit. We use the same casing for all our refrigeration units standardising the size of the cutout for all trailers. The casing is made of power-coated steel sheet including a shapely front hood made of ABS plastic. An electronic controller monitors and regulates the operating temperature. Automatic periodic defrosting is provided by a programmable electronic thermostat and an electronic thawing-off device. Behind the lockable operating cover you will find a control switch and a light switch for the interior lighting of the refrigeration trailer.

Technical Data 2000P

temperature range

-20 to 10 °C

max. operating temperature

40 °C

max. volume trailer

10 m³

power supply

230 V


50 Hz

cooling capacity

1500/2050 W

power consumption

1000/1200 W

current consumption LRA

32 A

current consumption FLA

6.5/7.0 A


1230 W

air flow evaporator

1100 m³/h

air flow condenser

1100  m³/h

protection class, mounting side

54 IP



refrigerant quantity

1170 g


63 kg


9010 RAL

The data indicated refers to a set temperature of 2°C /-20 °C • Refrigeration is based on the following operating conditions:
outside temperature 30 °C, RH 50% • Insulation with a k-value of 0.2 W/m2K is recommended


• CFC-free refrigerant R452A, GWP 2141

• digital touch screen thermostat

• water-resistant lockable control panel

• suction line cooled compressor

• automatic hot gas defrosting

• weatherproof electrical plug and socket

• pre-wired cable to connect door contact switch

• pre-wired cable to connect light

• oval wall light and light bulb


• Eco-friendly CFC-free refrigerant, minimum energy consumption

• plug & play installation – easy handling, excellent usability

• premium-quality, German engineering

• weather-resistant, robust construction

• Bluetooth module available

• reliable and quiet operation

• low maintenance

• low weight

• elegant, timeless design


24-month warranty

– First 12-months warranty on parts and labour

– additional 12 months on parts only

– fast spare parts’ selection and reliable supply