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May 2002
Lamberto Govi founds and establishes GOVI GmbH in Bonn, Germany

July 2002
Business start
Sale of cooling units for switch cabinet, imported from Italy to Germany

February 2003
Adding of a second product:
Shaded pole motors for refrigerated display cases and heat pumps
Sale and distribution in Germany. Export to Switzerland and France (selective customers)

February 2004
Adding of two more products:
Trailer and container refrigeration units
Sale and Distribution in Germany

March 2006
Design of the first in-house refrigeration units for stationary refrigerated trailers through an Italian company

Lamberto Govi


January 2008
Expanding business to other European countries; begin of exporting of stationary trailer refrigeration units to Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and UK

October 2009
Move of the entire company to a bigger and better location in Niederkassel, Germany

January 2010
Move of the production of in-house refrigeration units for stationary refrigerated trailers from Italy to Germany

June 2010
South Africa is added to the market of GOVI refrigeration units

July 2011
Design and development of a refrigeration unit for refrigerated trailers for the US American market

November 2011
Establishing of an office in Miami, USA

January 2012
Begin of distributing refrigeration units on the US American market

February 2013
Development of a refrigeration unit designed for the Australian market, taking into consideration its special needs regarding outside temperatures and climate. Begin to sale of GOVI products in Australia

July 2014
Introduction of a new refrigeration unit in the USA

May 2015
PONIVA CO., Ltd (Thailand) and GOVI GmbH finalize extensive business agreement which is our first step towards the Asian market.

November 2015
Move into a new factory in Troisdorf (near Cologne-Bonn airport)

February 2016
New refrigeration units for container

September 2016
New Branch in MELBOURNE (Australia)

March 2017
Expanding distribution of trailer and container refrigeration units to South America.
Development of a new model to widen our product range by offering all voltage ranges and frequencies that are usual in the South-American market.

January 2018
Opening of GOVI Inc. in Daytona Beach, Florida (US)

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